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Related article: Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 1 Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Vascardi Legal Disclaimer This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, then you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story. Authors Note I know what you're all thinking. Another story by Jayson? God, why does he write so many damn series? The truth of the matter is, I'm not really sure myself why I write as many series as I do. Writing is just in my blood I guess, and when an idea comes to my mind, I just have to use it. And sometimes the only way I can use that idea is to start a new story. Well, for the readers of Never In My Wildest Dreams, I'm sorry to say that that story is getting the axe, so to speak. The ideas just aren't flowing as I'd like for it. I might continue it at a later date, but don't count on it, since I am having it removed from the archive. As for Loving BSB, I have decided to only take it up to chapter 40. Nick and Brian will continue until chapter 100, with the 25-chapter spin-off, Nick Brian: A New Beginning, following it. As for that one chapter story that I co-authored with my boyfriend, The Cost of True Love, I'm not sure if it will be being continued or not. I've been too busy with the awards and trying to get my solo series updated lately to even think about working on it. And Joseph has been busy taking care of his brother Tony, who broke his leg, not to mention the fact getting ready for school, he starts his senior year in high school later this month. Anyway, for those of you wondering what this series is about, it will feature the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC as permanent characters in the story. Britney, Christina, and 98 Degrees might be added later, but I'm not sure on that. Email any and all comments, good or bad, and any suggestions to Please remember to include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered as quickly as possible. You can also contact me on ICQ at 53886549. Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 1 *NSYNC's Lance Bass lies peacefully in bed, his arms wrapped tightly around his boyfriend and lover, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell. Lance and Brian have been together now for almost eight months. Those eight months have been the best eight months of Lance's life, and he cannot imagine his life without Brian. For a long time, Lance was deathly afraid of coming out of the closet about his homosexuality. Afraid that his friends and fellow band-mates would reject him, afraid that his family would reject him, and afraid of what would happen once the joint tour with the Backstreet Boys started. But as it turned out, all of Lance's fears were totally unfounded. His friends were all supportive of his homosexuality from the start, in fact, after he came out of the closet, both JC and Chris did so as well. Lance's mother was also very supportive of it, only wanting her son to be happy in life. And Preteen Pussy when the joint-tour with the Backstreet Boys started, and Lance told them, they were all okay with it as well, since both Brian and Nick were gay and recently broke up. Soon afterwards, Brian and Lance started dating, and have been together ever since. Brian's eyes begin to blink open, and Lance replies, "Morning, babe." "Good morning, James, what time is it?" "A few minutes after 8," replies Lance after looking at the clock for a second. "A few minutes after 8?? Shit!" yells Brian as he jumps out of bed and starts racing around the room totally naked trying to gather up his clothes and get dressed as Lance just starts laughing at him. "What's so funny?" asks Brian, as he stops for a minute, "And why are you still in bed? We're late for rehearsals." "No we're not Brian," replies Lance, as Brian gives him a perplexed look, "Rehearsals start at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Today is Tuesday, we have the day off." "Are you sure?" "Of course I'm sure!" replies Lance with a grin, "I'm the business component of *NSYNC remember? Like Kevin, who always knows what's going on in our schedules." "Thank god," replies Brian, "I was worried there for a second." "Okay, well now that you know that we have the day off," replies Lance in a seductive voice, "How about getting back into bed?" Brian flashes Lance one of his famous smiles, and is back under the sheets with Lance in less then five seconds, as the two lock lips in a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths. Both of them groan when the phone ringing interrupts them. Brian and Lance break their kiss and Brian reaches over to answer the phone. "Hello?" Meanwhile, across the hall in Kevin and Kristen's room, both Kevin and Kristen are lying in bed, trying to catch their breath after their recent orgasms. Kevin insisted that Kristen travel with him while they're on tour, now that they're married, and Kristen was more then happy to oblige. Once Kristen catches her breath, she turns onto her side and looks lovingly at Kevin. "Kevin, honey, I saw the doctor yesterday." "Doctor?" asks Kevin, as a look of worry crosses his face, "Are you okay, honey?" "Kevin, I'm perfectly fine," replies Kristen, "Despite the fact that I'm four months late and will be as big as whale in a few months." "Oh my god! You're not!" asks Kevin, his voice a mix of joy and fear. "Yes, Kevin, I'm pregnant," replies Kristen, "You're going to be a father." "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," replies Kevin, who can't come up with anything else to say. "Kevin, are you okay with this?" "Okay with it? I'm gonna be a dad! Of course I'm okay with it. Just terrified out of my mind!" "Well, that I can understand. I'm terrified myself." "I have to call Brian," replies Kevin as he picks up the phone and quickly dials Brian's room number. "Hello?" "Brian?" "What do you want, Kevin? This had better be good, cause you just interrupted an intimate moment that I was having with my boyfriend." "Kristen's pregnant." replies Kevin quickly, before hearing Brian's phone drop to the floor. A moment later, the phone is picked up by Lance, and he asks, "Kevin? What did you just tell Brian? Whatever it is caused him to faint." "Just that he's got a second-cousin on the way." "You mean to say?" "Yeah, Lance, Kristen is pregnant. She just told me. I'm gonna be a father!" "Wow, Kevin, that's great. I'm so happy for you," replies Lance, before adding with a slight laugh, "And I'm sure if he was conscious at the moment, Brian would be too." "Okay, well, I have to call the other guys and tell them the great news," replies Kevin, "You just take care of my cousin, okay?" "Always, Kevin. Bye." "Bye Lance." An hour later everyone is gathered in a private lounge that the hotel has provided them with, and despite most of them already congratulating Kevin and Kristen on the phone, are doing it again, only this time hugging them both. Though as soon as there's a knock on the door and two hotel employees wheel in the room service carts with breakfast, the food quickly becomes the center of attention. As Kristen is about to sit down with just a bagel w/ cream cheese and a few strawberries, Justin replies to her, "Shouldn't you eat a little more then that? I mean you are eating for two now." Kristen smiles at Justin and replies, "Yeah, I suppose your right," as she goes back over to the cart and adds some more fruit and another bagel to her plate, before looking to Justin for his approval, and he just nods and smiles at her. "Justin you're going to get my wife fat." "Don't need any help from me Kevin, I think you succeeded in accomplishing that task quite well Preteen Pussy on your own." "Ah, shutup," replies Kevin. "Justin is right though, Kev," replies JC, "Kristen is in the second trimester now. She's gonna start showing soon." "Oh really? I didn't know that!" replies Kevin, with sarcasm with his voice, as he sits down next to Kristen with a plate of eggs, bacon, fruit, and some toast. "Oh, lay off Kev," replies Kristen, "They're just happy for us. And they want to make sure that we have a happy and healthy baby." "I know, and I appreciate it, all of you," replies Kevin, "I'm just still a little scared about this whole daddy thing, I guess. So I may be just a little short-tempered on the subject, so I'm sorry." "It's okay Kevin, its totally understandable," replies Chris, "Fatherhood is definitely not something that can be taken lightly." "And how would you know that, Chris?" asks Joey, "You're gay." "Well, just because I'm gay doesn't mean that I can't understand that being a father is a lot of work and responsibility." "Did Chris just say responsibility?" asks Nick, "I never thought that I'd him say that word!" Everybody, except for Chris, laughs at Nick's comment, and eventually Chris comes around and laughs at it too, even if it was about him. Everyone finishes their breakfasts, and put up a big fuss over Kristen for awhile longer, before heading off to their rooms to figure out what to do with the rest of their day off. "So what do you want to do today?" "Go back to bad." "Now, I know why I love you so much! You're a man after my own heart," replies JC, with a grin. "Well, I had other ideas of what we could do in bed, other then sleeping." "Oh really? And just what might those other ideas, involve?" asks JC in an erotic voice, as his boyfriend pushes him down on the bed, straddles him, and starts planting kisses on JC's shoulders and sucking on his neck. "Oh, I like." "I thought you might," replies Nick with a grin as he begins to unbutton JC's shirt. JC sits up so that Nick can remove the shirt from his body, before laying back down, a huge smile on his face as he peers up at the face of his boyfriend of 5 months. Nick and JC didn't get together until a few months after the joint tour started, unlike Brian and Lance who got together almost immediately. This is partially because Nick had to come to terms with his break-up from Brian. And after being dumped, he really didn't feel like entering into another relationship so quickly. But, as he became closer and closer to JC, things began to happen, and then one night 5 months ago, JC kissed Nick, and the two of them have been happy together ever since. Nick moves so that he's kneeling next Preteen Pussy to JC as he quickly undoes JC's belt buckle, followed by the button and zipper of JC's jeans, as JC lifts himself off the bed so that Nick can pull his pants off. Once JC's pants are off, Nick plants a kiss on JC's covered cock, which is straining to be free of the confining cotton material. Nick grabs the waistband of JC's white cotton briefs with his teeth and begins to slowly and seductively pull them down, as JC just smiles at his lover. Once JC's underwear hit the floor, JC looks at Nick and replies in a seductive voice, "You know, I think you're a little overdressed. Perhaps I can remedy that problem?" Nick smiles and allows JC to remove his shirt, followed by his sweatpants. JC, who is hot and bothered enough by this point to not really want to take the time to be quite as seductive as Nick, add in his burning desire to see his stud of a boyfriend naked, quickly pulls Nick's underwear off in one very quick motion and throws them across the room. Nick lays back on the bed, as JC kneels between his legs and plants a kiss on the head of Nick's tool, licking up the drop of precum that had appeared. Nick moans with pleasure as JC begins to lick down the length of his tool from head to base, and back up again. However, instead of putting Nick's tool in his mouth and giving him a blowjob, JC gently lifts up Nick's legs, giving him access to what he really wants. JC grabs the container of lubricant from the bedside table's drawer, and sets in next to him on the bed. JC applies some of the lubricant to his index finger and slowly and gently as possible inserts it into Nick's hole, as Nick let's out another moan of pleasure. JC works his index finger in and out for a few minutes, before inserting a second finger, and finally a third finger until he's satisfied that Nick is ready to take his manmeat. JC applies lubricant to his tool, and some more to Nick's asshole, and places his tool at the entrance, smiling down at Nick as he slowly and ever so gently pushes forward. Nick hisses through gritted teeth for a minute, until the initial pain of entry dulls away, before nodding to JC that it's okay to continue. JC continues to push forward into Nick until his entire length is buried deep inside of him. JC can't help but moan himself at the incredible feeling of warmth that has enclosed his tool. Moans of total pleasure and ecstasy begin to fill the room, as JC slowly pulls out of Nick, until just the head of his tool remains inside, before pushing forward once again. Despite the several times that JC has made love to Nick in the 5 months of their relationship, Nick has yet to make love to JC. Though JC doesn't mind this, cause he knows that Nick will do it eventually, and that he's just not ready for it yet. Nick continues his moaning, which only encourages JC even more, because he knows that Nick is enjoying the sensations of having JC's cock sliding in and out of him. Of course this isn't to say that JC isn't enjoying it himself, because that would be the biggest lie of the century. "Oh, Nick, you're so tight," moans out JC, as he once again thrusts himself into Nick, "Oh, yeah, baby!" "Keep it up JC, oh god that feels so good. Oh yes!" moans Nick, as JC once again pulls out until just the head is still in him before thrusting forward once Preteen Pussy again. JC slows his thrusts down slightly, and leans down to kiss Nick passionately on the lips, their lips instantly interlocking with one another's as their tongues begin to wrestle around in each other's mouths, dancing the erotic dance that they have mastered in their time together, and continuing to explore the already oh so well charted territory of the other's mouth. As their kiss continues, Nick wraps one arm around JC's lower back and begins to massage it, while wrapping the other one around the back of JC's head, and running his fingers through JC's soft brown hair. JC wraps one of his arms around the small of Nick's back, and the other soon rests on Nick's shoulder, giving JC a little more leverage in his current position to speed up his thrusting a bit. "Mmmmph, oh god, JC... I'm getting close... oh yeah baby..." pants out Nick, after breaking their kiss and beginning to kiss JC's shoulders and neck. "Oh, god, Nick, oh I love you so much," replies JC as he moves the arm wrapped around Nick's back up to his shoulders, and uses his other hand to play with Nick's soft blonde hair, as he sucks passionately on Nick's neck. "Oh JC, yes... I'm almost there... I'm gonna... gonna... oh yes!!" screams Nick, at the same time as JC screams, "Oh, Nick, yes... oh yeah, baby... Mmmmph," as they both begin to shoot their loads simultaneously. JC's warm loads cascading deep into Nick's body, as Nick's explode all over his and JC's stomachs and chests. The two of them, whose bodies are both glistening with sweat, heave for several minutes, trying to catch their breath after their orgasms. JC's tool slips out of Nick's ass, and he slowly and carefully moves next to Nick, while keeping his beloved wrapped tightly in his arms, as Nick pulls JC into another passionate kiss. When the kiss ends, Nick glances over at the bedside clock and does a double take when he sees that its almost 2:45 in the afternoon. They had started shortly after 11, after coming back to their room from breakfast with the other guys. JC plants a soft kiss on Nick's forehead, and lays his head down on Nick's chest, as he says, "Well, I don't know about you, but I could certainly use some sleep right about now." When he doesn't get a reply, JC lifts up his head to see Nick's eyes have closed, and he has fallen asleep, which after their afternoon, it understandable. JC kisses the tip of Nick's nose, Preteen Pussy and replies, "Pleasant dreams, Nick, I love you," as he lays his head back down on Nick's chest, and starts to fall asleep himself. Just before sleep claims JC completely, he manages to hear Nick mumble in his sleep, "I love you too...", and JC soon is fast asleep himself, a wide smile painted across his face. To be continued... So what did you all think? Any comments, whether good or bad, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can email them to, please remember to include "Affairs" in the email subject line. I will answer any emails I receive as quickly as I can. You can also contact me at 53886549 on ICQ.
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